God is Love ❤️

Love is a novel written in another language by God, but yet we all try to comprehend it and then rewrite it ourselves. Our hearts grasp for the love that best fits our definition, but once we get it and it’s not what we thought we change for the worse instead of changing what our definition of love is. You won’t know what love is if you don’t know God. Love is the bigger picture of a companionship that has dealt with compromising, forgiveness, and understanding. Love is the outcome of when two people set aside their differences and accept each other flaws and still stand by one another with no secret motives or thoughts of self gain. Love is selfless, love is careful, love brings peace, love brings joy. Love is suppose to bring the best of you, not the worse❤️




Joy comes in the morning 🌞🌹

0D675081-3339-4880-9277-3F05C18F6D1DI use to question God a lot, because what I go/been through and the type of person I am just didn’t add up. I started studying the Bible and getting closer to God and almost all my questions were answered. Sometimes God has to break us down to build us up into the people that he gave us life to be. Your calling and the person you are right now might not be capable of fulfilling the calling that God has placed on your life. You might not be ready for the things you have asked God for so he’s taking you through the storm in order to give you what you prayed for. Everything is in Gods hands. Don’t waste another night worrying. Pray, talk to God, and let it go, because I assure you joy comes in the morning loves just hold on and be strong. Whatever you do don’t lose faith ❤️



When night time hits it seems like my mind wonders the most. I created this site for people like me, I promise this is deeper than posts. If you’ve found this site by just wandering the internet God brought you here for a purpose. Unleash all your unanswered questions about life here, poems, deepest thoughts, and I promise you’ll feel much better and the world will seem clearer ❤️


S. Victoria 💋

Choose Happiness ❤️

Through all the heart break and pain that the world brings you absolutely MUST choose love, peace, and forgiveness. No, it’s not easy and as human we grow tired and even get angry, but that’s when we ask God to come into our hearts, mind, and soul and help us accept the things we can not change and find peace knowing that we can’t change some things in this world. Choose happiness no matter what your situation is, because I promise better days always come.

S. Victoria💋